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17th of August 2004

Searching for the Bottom Line

A recent article in The Australian, Searching for the bottom line contains several insights into the field of search engine marketing from Cogentis Director Chris Dimmock:

  • “Search engine marketing has a very high return on investment but it is relatively complex in its own right,”
  • “You can run a search engine campaign, but until you understand the process and and how all the tools work, it can be a bit daunting”
  • “potential customers who click on an advertisement must be taken to a web page that clearly describes the product and the ordering process.”
  • “People who are prepared to pay over the odds at an auction because of ego or emotional attachment will essentially upset the apple cart – but it’s their apple cart at the end of the day … That is why it is vital to estimate the value of each click to a business, and stay within those spending limits".

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