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21st of April 2006

Cogentis are recruiting.

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We are currently recruiting a Search Engine Marketing Administration Assistant.

This is a permanent role, based in our Epping Office. For more information, or to apply, see our advertisement at Seek.

[Update: 2 May 2006 - Vacancy filled - And a warm welcome to Kamila who’ll join us next week]

14th of April 2006

Cogentis to present at IMAT 20 - 21 July, 2006

Chris Dimmock, Managing Director of Cogentis, will be presenting at iMAT 2006 in July.

Chris will be running the ‘Digital Doctor’ Search Clinic with Julian Sonego, Marketing Manager, Google Australia, on 20th July, from 3.30pm - 4.30pm. We’ll be covering topics including: why isn’t your site indexed, or fully indexed, in search engines? Why doesn’t it rank? What can you about it? Learn about making your site accessible to search engines (and prospective customers).

On Friday 21st July, at 11.30am, Chris will be on a ‘hands on’ Digital Doctor workshop panel with Lachlan Brahe – GM Media from emitch; Oliver Weidlich – MD, Ideal Interfaces; and Jon Maxim – Creative Director & Copywriter.

We’ll be reviewing actual iMAT conference delegates sites, as selected on Day 1 of the conference, during this session. As a panel, we’ll be reviewing each selected delegate’s site in terms of search engine accessibility; site structure; target keyword selection; site style/ layout; usability and copyrighting.

You can Download the 2006 iMAT Conference Program as a PDF file.

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