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14th of November 2006

Search Engine Bootcamp - progressive enhancement methods for search engine spider accessibility

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Chris Dimmock has been invited to speak at “Search Engine Bootcamp” on November 30th, on advanced website accessibility issues for SEO. Cogentis have found that many websites - especially large corporate sites - have major information architecture related issues which often restrict access to their sites by search engine spiders (as well as many human users).

Chris will be talking about some of these issues - and the core accessibility concepts of ‘progressive user agent enhancement’ and unobtrusive use of javascript - which are fundamental to the Cogentis SEO site architecture approach. You can design a site which is both acccessible to all (including search engines) - whilst still providing an enhanced user experience for users with more capable browsers and plugins. At Cogentis, we have been using our progressive user enhancement site architecture methodology for SEO for over 3 years. And it shows in our client’s search engine results.

Because accessibility and search engine optimisation are often overlooked at the information architecture & site design stage - (and there is no ‘progressive user enhancement’, and often no ‘graceful degradation’ ) - often all there is left for Googlebot to index is an ‘Upgrade your browser’ message….

Chris will cover many of the technologies which limit search engine spider access - and what to do about them - without overly limiting site creativity or functionality for users with enhanced browsers.

09th of November 2006

Two more Cogentis staff pass Google Adwords Advertising Professionals exam

We are proud to advise that two more Cogentis staff have passed their Google Advertising Professionals exam.

On October 19th, Kamila achieved a score of 87.4% and today, Janda achieved 89.2%.

Congratulations to both of you!

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