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30th of August 2006

Google ‘Discovering Search’ liftout in September Marketing Magazine

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Google Australia has published a 16 page liftout on Search marketing, titled ‘Discovering Search’. It is available as a lift out feature in the September edition of Marketing Magazine, which hit the news stands today.

It provides information and articles on both paid Search (Adwords) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Cogentis Managing Director, Chris Dimmock, was interviewed for, and quoted in, several of the articles, including:

Chris Dimmock, founder of specialist SEO/ SEM (search engine marketing) agency Cogentis, started providing professional SEO consulting services in 2001 - before Google even had an Australian office. Although SEO continues to be a challenging concept for some, Dimmock says at its core is website accessibility, information architecture, keyword research, descriptive links and best practice web design”

“SEO is defined as the process of building a website in a manner which enables the pages to rank highly in algorithmically determined (or ‘natural’, ‘organic’) search results,” says Dimmock.
“This can be achieved by providing unique, descriptive content, targeting appropriate search phrases and conforming to the published search engine guidelines” he says.

“SEM - Google Adwords, is an ‘instant gratification’ advertising media. You can set up a basic Google Adwords campaign in half an hour and often have your advertisments running within the hour. Try that with other media such as newspapers, TV or radio”

25th of May 2006

Print campaign in B&T Magazine

Cogentis are starting our first print based advertising - with an advert in the June 16th 2006 edition of B&T magazine.

BandT is “Australia’s highest circulating marketing advertising and media magazine” - and our advert will appear in their search engine marketing special feature.

A print advert - who’d have thought….

We we very pleased to get a great testimonial from Louise Brockbank, Director of Marketing and Strategy at ninemsn, who said:

“ninemsn has worked with Cogentis Search Marketing on SEO and SEM projects for the past 18 months. In that time our search engine referral traffic to the network has increased by over 100%. This has helped ninemsn retain its number one online position in News, Lifestyle and Entertainment”

Here’s the advert:

Cogentis Advertisement in B&T magazine May 26 2006


Cogentis been working with ninemsn since late 2004, and have achieved some great success in increasing the volume of search traffic to ninemsn’s site network.

17th of August 2004

Searching for the Bottom Line

A recent article in The Australian, Searching for the bottom line contains several insights into the field of search engine marketing from Cogentis Director Chris Dimmock:

  • “Search engine marketing has a very high return on investment but it is relatively complex in its own right,”
  • “You can run a search engine campaign, but until you understand the process and and how all the tools work, it can be a bit daunting”
  • “potential customers who click on an advertisement must be taken to a web page that clearly describes the product and the ordering process.”
  • “People who are prepared to pay over the odds at an auction because of ego or emotional attachment will essentially upset the apple cart – but it’s their apple cart at the end of the day … That is why it is vital to estimate the value of each click to a business, and stay within those spending limits".

16th of July 2004

Searching for a Better Future

Lara Stella of Metrixmedia’s has interviewed of Cogentis Director Chris Dimmock on the current and future state of the search engine industry. View webcast - Searching for a Better Future

13th of July 2004

Schools teach engine mechanics

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Cogentis Director Chris Dimmock is featured in today’s Sydney Morning Herald Technology lift out explaining the skills he teaches as Search Engine College’s online pay-per-click tutor.

18th of June 2004

Overture Supports Search Engine College

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Information Age is reporting that

Overture Services, a provider of essential online marketing services is supporting the launch of the Australian arm of the world’s leading online training institution for search engine optimisation and marketing – Search Engine College (SEC).

SEC’s Australian Pay-Per-Click tutor, Cogentis Director Chris Dimmock is quoted extensively:

“By partnering with Overture to deliver the Pay Per Click training courses, SEC is able to teach search engine marketing in a real world situation”.

“The students will have a live Overture Precision Match account, setup in their company’s name and will be running real campaigns for their companies with the AU$100 provided by Overture. Overture’s involvement literally moves the course from theory to practice,”

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