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09th of November 2006

Two more Cogentis staff pass Google Adwords Advertising Professionals exam

We are proud to advise that two more Cogentis staff have passed their Google Advertising Professionals exam.

On October 19th, Kamila achieved a score of 87.4% and today, Janda achieved 89.2%.

Congratulations to both of you!

25th of May 2006

Print campaign in B&T Magazine

Cogentis are starting our first print based advertising - with an advert in the June 16th 2006 edition of B&T magazine.

BandT is “Australia’s highest circulating marketing advertising and media magazine” - and our advert will appear in their search engine marketing special feature.

A print advert - who’d have thought….

We we very pleased to get a great testimonial from Louise Brockbank, Director of Marketing and Strategy at ninemsn, who said:

“ninemsn has worked with Cogentis Search Marketing on SEO and SEM projects for the past 18 months. In that time our search engine referral traffic to the network has increased by over 100%. This has helped ninemsn retain its number one online position in News, Lifestyle and Entertainment”

Here’s the advert:

Cogentis Advertisement in B&T magazine May 26 2006


Cogentis been working with ninemsn since late 2004, and have achieved some great success in increasing the volume of search traffic to ninemsn’s site network.

08th of May 2006

Google University Sydney & AIMIA seminar.

It’s suddenly become seminar season!

Google University is coming to Sydney in June. The AIMIA (Australian Interactive Media Industry Association) are running a seminar “An Introduction to Web Marketing” in the morning; and Google are running two ‘Google University’ sessions in the afternoon.

It on Tuesday, 6th June, at the Telstra Auditorium, Sydney

The event comprises 3 separate sessions:

10 - noon: 2 Hour Forum: An Introduction to Web Marketing


  • Julian Sonego, Marketing Manager Australia, Google
  • Ben Still, Red Ant
  • Paul Knight, In My Room Web Design
  • Chris Dimmock, Managing Director, Cogentis Internet Marketing
  • Moderator: John Butterworth, CEO, AIMIA

1.00pm - 3.00pm: Google Uni: Introductory Course
Google Services for Marketing your website

3.30 - 5.00pm: Google Uni: Advanced Course
Maximising your AdWords Campaign

More details are here

05th of May 2006

Search Panel at CeBIT Sydney 2006

This year Cogentis have been invited to participate at the CeBIT Search Panel. You can come along and view it live - or view it as a Podcast.

Date: Midday, Tuesday 9th May 2006

Location: CeBIT Exhibition, Stand P1, Front of Hall 4, Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour.

The 2006 CeBIT search panel will be moderated by Foad Fadaghi, Research Director – Frost & Sullivan.


  • Tim Blackman, General Manager, Local Search – ninemsn
  • Andrew Wilkinson, Product Manager – FulfilNET
  • Chris Dimmock, Managing Director – Cogentis

Viocorp will be podcasting this event.

14th of April 2006

Cogentis to present at IMAT 20 - 21 July, 2006

Chris Dimmock, Managing Director of Cogentis, will be presenting at iMAT 2006 in July.

Chris will be running the ‘Digital Doctor’ Search Clinic with Julian Sonego, Marketing Manager, Google Australia, on 20th July, from 3.30pm - 4.30pm. We’ll be covering topics including: why isn’t your site indexed, or fully indexed, in search engines? Why doesn’t it rank? What can you about it? Learn about making your site accessible to search engines (and prospective customers).

On Friday 21st July, at 11.30am, Chris will be on a ‘hands on’ Digital Doctor workshop panel with Lachlan Brahe – GM Media from emitch; Oliver Weidlich – MD, Ideal Interfaces; and Jon Maxim – Creative Director & Copywriter.

We’ll be reviewing actual iMAT conference delegates sites, as selected on Day 1 of the conference, during this session. As a panel, we’ll be reviewing each selected delegate’s site in terms of search engine accessibility; site structure; target keyword selection; site style/ layout; usability and copyrighting.

You can Download the 2006 iMAT Conference Program as a PDF file.

15th of March 2006

Search Engine Room - 14th March 2006

Yesterday was the 2006 Annual Search Engine Room Conference, held at Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour Sydney.

It was a great conference - Martin Kelley, Bev and the SER team did a great job. Great speakers - great topics - and a very well run event.

The day started with a Google sponsored breakfast, introduced by Sukinder Singh Cassidy, Google GM Asia Pacific & Latin America Operations. Brian White, who works with Matt Cutts in Google’s Search Quality team, then gave a presentation on Search Quality and Google Sitemaps.

There were many great sessions at the SER 2006 conference - Craig Wax from Yahoo! gave a great presentation on “the evolution of the revolution” of search; and Ren Warmuz from Trellian/ Keyword Discovery gave a great presentation on Keyword research.

I gave a sesssion on Search Engine accessibility, and website accessibility in general - and got a lot of positive feedback. Brian White did a second presentation around lunchtime at the main conference - and stayed around all day to answer questions and speak to conference delegates.

Brian was on a tough schedule - he flew from the US to Australia on Monday - spent the whole of Tuesday at the SER conference (he gave a 7.30 breakfast presentation, and he didn’t leave SER until nearly 7.00pm) - and then flew back to the US on Wednesday morning. He had his ‘little black book’ out the whole time, taking notes….

It was also great to catch up with several of the guys (including Shor, ProjectPHP and edit_g) who post at Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Watch forum, and Brett Tabke’s WebmasterWorld Forum.

Nearly 300 people attended SER 2006 - which I suspect makes it the biggest Search Conference held in Sydney to date. Look out for SER 2007 next year.

02nd of June 2005

Cogentis listing in the 2005 Marketing Sherpa “Buyers Guide to SEO firms”

Cogentis is one of only a small handful of Australian Search Engine Optimisation Agencies to be listed in the 2005 Marketing Sherpa Buyers guide to SEO firms. We are pretty pleased to have been included in this the 4th edition of the guide, which reviews 126 SEO firms from all over the world.

Anne Holland, Publisher of the Buyer’s Guide, writes in the introduction “We selected the ‘rules’ you should judge SEO firms by, using a combination of common sense, client-side feedback, a search engine’s own publicly published guidelines, and also input from many, many firms in the field.”

The report is $US199 and is available directly from Marketing Sherpa.

22nd of May 2005

CeBit Sydney - Search Engine Marketing Webcast

As part of the three day 2005 Cebit Sydney exhibition, Viocorp are hosting a series of live webcast panel discussions. These discussions cover topics including Search Engine Marketing, Wireless Broadband, and Security.

The panel discussions will be webcast live from CeBIT Hall 4 stand S39.

The Search Engine Marketing panel, scheduled for May 24th at 1.00pm, comprises:

Mel Bohse, Managing Director, Overture Australia
Julian Sonego, Marketing Manager, Google Australia
Chris Dimmock, Managing Director, Cogentis
Kaylie Smith, Regional Director, DoubleClick
Moderator: Foad Fadaghi, Research Director, Frost & Sullivan

The Search Engine Marketing panel discussion webcast will be available both live, and for subsequent download from Viocorp.

26th of April 2005

ADMA eMarketing Course - guest lecturer on search

Chris Dimmock has been invited as guest lecturer on Search Engine Marketing at the ADMA Certificate in eMarketing course, on Thursday, 12th May, 2005.

The lecture is for those enrolled in the ADMA eMarketing Certificate course, and the Sydney course is held at 1 James Place, North Sydney.

16th of April 2005

Cogentis to present at iMAT Conference

Chris Dimmock, Managing Director of Cogentis, has been invited to present a paper at the Interactive Marketing and Advertising Trends (iMAT) Conference, to be held 18 - 19 August, 2005 in Sydney.

iMAT Conference LogoChris’ presentation is part of the ‘Converting Your Online Efforts Into Sales and Customer Acquisitions’ stream, and is titled “Demystifying Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing.”

15th of February 2005

Google AdWords Professional Qualification

Cogentis is proud to announce it has two Qualified Google AdWords Advertising Professionals as at 15.02.2005

Google announced its ‘Google Advertising Professional’ program on November 11th, 2004, with the first Google Advertising Professionals becoming eligible to be qualified during the second week of February 2005. The Google AdWords Advertising Professional program is designed for professionals who manage multiple Google AdWords client accounts.

Google Advertising Professional Logo. Cogentis has two employees who are Qualified Google Adwords Advertising Professionals as at 15.02.2005

Chris Dimmock of Cogentis Pty Ltd achieved this qualification on 12.02.2005. Jeremy Matchett became Cogentis’ second qualified Google AdWords Professional today.

Both Chris and Jeremy were amoungst the first 100 globally to achieve this recognition from Google.

03rd of February 2005

Cogentis at the Sydney Search Engine Room Conference

Search Engine Room is a one-day conference to be held Tuesday, April 12 2005, at Dockside, Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour Sydney. The conference will cover the latest developments in Australia’s booming Search Engine Marketing industry, the fastest-growing digital marketing sector.

This event is supported by the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association.

Chris Dimmock, Cogentis Managing Director, will be a panelist in the 2.00pm Panel: Search Engine Optimisation - Black Art or Sweet Science?

The panel will examine the latest trends in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), focusing on keyword research, management and execution. It will cover the creation of an effective SEO campaign and give tips to attract the right customers to your site.

23rd of November 2004

Difference Between Search Engine Marketing and SEO

Recently it was asked ‘what’s the difference between search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimisation (SEO)’? Generally - there is confusion about these two terms - experts don’t even agree! Here’s our take on the definitions of these two terms - and the differences between the two processes.

Continue reading the Difference Between Search Engine Marketing and SEO

17th of August 2004

Searching for the Bottom Line

A recent article in The Australian, Searching for the bottom line contains several insights into the field of search engine marketing from Cogentis Director Chris Dimmock:

  • “Search engine marketing has a very high return on investment but it is relatively complex in its own right,”
  • “You can run a search engine campaign, but until you understand the process and and how all the tools work, it can be a bit daunting”
  • “potential customers who click on an advertisement must be taken to a web page that clearly describes the product and the ordering process.”
  • “People who are prepared to pay over the odds at an auction because of ego or emotional attachment will essentially upset the apple cart – but it’s their apple cart at the end of the day … That is why it is vital to estimate the value of each click to a business, and stay within those spending limits".

16th of July 2004

Searching for a Better Future

Lara Stella of Metrixmedia’s has interviewed of Cogentis Director Chris Dimmock on the current and future state of the search engine industry. View webcast - Searching for a Better Future

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