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Some Search Engine Marketing Resources and handy web based tools

Cogentis uses many resources to keep abreast of the many issues in the search marketing industry, and many online tools. Some of the best tools money can't buy are all available - free on the net.

When you are trying to sort out some badly written, or even just poorly laid out html code, one of the best tools around is HTML Tidy. Tidy will clean up source code errors, and reformat the most poorly formatted coding. In terms of inspiration, there are a couple of sites we regularly visit - a weekly visit to web pages that suck puts a whole lot of things back into perspective!

On a more newsworthy note, we recommend Kal Jordan's Search Engine News Weblog which covers the major issues in the SEO world.

Search Engines Indexes and Advertising interaction - who gets what from whom?

One of the most confusing areas of Search Engine Marketing for many people is the interwoven series of relationships that actually generate the search results displayed.

Google: Google operates it's own spider - 'Googlebot' - to crawl the web and build its algorithmic index. Google uses DMOZ - The Open Directory project - as the basis for its 'Google Directory'. The Advertisements shown on Google (Sponsored results) are from the Google Adwords product.

Yahoo!: Yahoo! also operates its own spider - 'Slurp' - to crawl the web and build its algorithmic index. Yahoo! uses its own Yahoo! Directory, which is a 'pay for inclusion' directory. The Advertisements shown on Yahoo! (Sponsored results) are from Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly called Overture Services).

MSN (ninemsn in Australia): MSN also now operates its own spider - 'MSNBot' - to crawl the web and build its algorithmic index. The Advertisements shown on MSN/ ninemsn (Sponsored results) are still from Yahoo! Search Marketing (in Australia on ninemsn) - but are from MSN's own product in many other countries.

The key reasons that these interactions are so important is that we need to understand who gets their results from where - in order to optimise for it, and in order to understand where your PPC advertisments will be displayed. Our search engine position analysis services section provides more information on the everchanging state of the relationships between the Pay Per Click (PPC) providers, Directories, Pay For Inclusion (PFI) engines and the algorithmic search engines, and how these interactions affect rank positions on the major search portals.

Our process is logical and cogent. Through our web-site analysis services, we can ensure that your site is accessible, and hasn't penalised itself in search engines, by its design and technology. Cogentis specialises in internet positioning services and strategies.

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