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Cogentis employs Qualified Google Advertising Professionals:

Cogentis, based in Sydney Australia, is a specialist Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation services organisation. Our clients include some of Australia's leading websites.

Cogentis is proud to announce it has two Qualified Google AdWords Advertising Professional Individuals as at 15.02.2005.

Both Chris and Jeremy were amoungst the first 100 globally to achieve this recognition from Google.

This makes Cogentis one of a very small number of companies globally to have two of the first 100 qualified Google Advertising professionals in it's employ.

Google AdWords Professional Qualification:

Google announced its "Google Advertising Professional" program on November 11th, 2004, with the world's first Google Advertising Professionals becoming eligible to be qualified during the second week of February 2005. The Google AdWords Advertising Professional program is designed for professionals who manage multiple Google AdWords client accounts.

Qualified Google Advertising Professional Individuals have to pass the Google Advertising Professional Exam and meet other requirements - including managing AdWords accounts in the Google "My Client Center" for 90 days - in order to achieve this level of recognition.

We can now use the Google AdWords Advertising Professional logo on our website and business stationery.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is different to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We've outlined the differences between search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) here.

Chris Dimmock - Google Adwords Qualified Professional

Chris Dimmock of Cogentis Pty Ltd became a Google Adwords Qualified Professional on 12th February 2005.

Chris Dimmock, Cogentis, Google Advertising Professional Qualified Individual Logo - Chris Dimmock qualified for use of this logo on 12th February 2005

Chris is the founder and managing Director of Cogentis, and has over 20 years marketing experience. Chris' on line marketing credentials extend back to the mid 1980's - when Chris was the Product manager for Australia's first National Email system. Chris has been running Google Adwords campaigns professionally for clients since 2001. Chris has consulted on Search Engine Marketing strategy, set up, and managed Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns for numerous clients over the past 5 years in both Google Adwords and Overture.

You can verify Chris Dimmock's Google Adwords Qualified Individual Status on Google's secure site.

Jeremy Matchett - Google Adwords Qualified Professional

Jeremy Matchett became Cogentis' second Google AdWords Qualified individual on 15th February 2005.

Jeremy Matchett, Cogentis, Google Advertising Professional Individual Logo. Jeremy Matchett qualified on 15th February 2005

Jeremy Matchett has been running Adwords campaigns for clients at Cogentis since 2003, and has set up and managed numerous Adwords and Overture campaigns for Cogentis Clients.

You can verify Jeremy Matchett's Google Adwords Qualified Individual Status on Google's secure site.

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