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Cogentis offers a search engine position analysis service, and can provide details of your rankings - but before you can rank - your site must be accessible, and indexable by the major search engines. How do you know if your site is indexable? Well - one way is to use one of the search engine spider simulators. That will strip out the graphics, and show you what text and links are on your page. Here are some more online marketing & search engine position analysis resources that also may be of assistance.

A search engine position analysis strategy ensures that you correctly identify any problems or issues - before you start changing, enhancing, updating and 'fixing' problems which may not actually exist.

A good search engine position testing and analysis process should be part of a logical web maintenance routine. Through our website analysis services, we can ensure that your site is accessible, and hasn't penalised itself by its design and technology. Cogentis specialises in internet search engine positioning services and strategies.

Search Engine Ranking Position reporting and analysis.

Once you know that your site is capable of being spidered, check where it is included in each index. First check in a search engine position analysis report is that the page is, in fact indexed, then begin testing how your pages currently rank, for target phrases, in the major search engines. Performing this process before you start changing things, will ensure that existing, well targeted traffic currently flowing to your site is identified and not disrupted. It will also confirm which engines and directories your site is listed in (for submissions); give some tangible benchmarks for the effectiveness of the site now; and provides a base for comparison of site traffic for future review. It will also ensure that any improvements in targeted traffic are incremental business, and provides a 'to do' list on pages/ engines where submissions are required.

By checking the ranking position, by search phrase, for each of your webpages, in each search engine, you build a matrix for analysis over time.

A report should provide the following deliverables:

Proactively knowing your current page ranking provides you with the information you require to make responsive, informed decisions. If you aren't ranking highly - you won't attract the new prospects, and your rank can vary if SEs change their algorithms at any time, or implement new filters. If your pages suddenly vanished from a major SE index - which could happen if - for example, if your webserver had being down intermittently the last few times a SE spider visited. You could react, for example, by immediately instigating a PPC campaign to ensure traffic continued until the page was reindexed, until the cause of the issue was identified and rectified. Rather than waiting until after the sales had plummetted, and then reactively trying to find out why.

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