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"If you look through a prospective customer's eyes, you'll see what they'll see, and see what they'll buy."

Will prospective customers find your website - or only your competitors - on the first page of internet search engine results?

A full range of specialist internet marketing strategies and services. Cogentis' Search Engine positioning services include:

Cogentis are specialists in internet positioning strategies. We start a search engine positioning project by ensuring that the marketing areas of your internet site aren't built using technologies which specifically exclude search engines. Web site accessibility issues affect both search engine spiders, and human users. Search engines index words - not pictures, and not movies. If the technology platform and structure of the marketing areas of your site exclude search engines - through content management systems, security systems, and inappropriate use of technology; or makes indexing the site harder - then these issues need to be addressed. This is covered in the logfile and website analysis services section.

Building optimised search marketing content pages:

Keyword research: Researching and testing phrases people actually search on, from databases of actual search results, by reference to a lexical database, and researching your competitors.

Page optimisation: We can build W3C compliant pages, which are easily spiderable, and optimise them for your selected target phrases.

Rank checking ('ensuring prospects can find you') for targeted phrases:

We can provide search engine position analysis services in order to check your nominated pages for inclusion, check rank position, and report for selected phrases on selected major engines.
If you aren't ranking highly - you won't attract the prospects. Search engines can change their algorithms at any time, and implement new filters. We need to monitor the results to ensure that current pages are achieving consistent, respectable rankings across major search engines.

Paid Inclusion Search engine & Directories - submission of new pages; and PFI submission management and reporting:

We can manage the Pay For Inclusion (PFI) process on your behalf, setting up your account, submitting your pages, substituting new marketing pages for out-of-date marketing pages wherever possible and provide reporting for traffic delivered by page from the PFI engines.

Link strategy, and link popularity building:

Cogentis can provide advice and recommendations on your current linking strategy (both internal and external links).

Monitoring strategic directions of search engines & directories:

We can provide presentations on the current state of play in the Search engine/ directory marketplace, and can conduct inhouse presentations on search engine positioning strategies. We are constantly monitoring the industry, and can report on major industry and player changes, strategic directions, and identify new opportunities within search engines & directories for our clients.

Monitoring competitor activity where it infringes your brand:

Some companies, who aren't as ethical as you might be, have been known to use other peoples trademarks and brands as both trigger words for Pay Per Click advertising campaigns, and on their pages (usually with a javascript redirection). We can monitor your core trademarks in search engine marketing campaigns, and advise when your competitors are trying to hijack your brand online.

PPC Campaign management & reporting:

Cogentis can setup, and manage, the auction based Pay Per Click (PPC) GoogleTM AdwordsTM, and Overture TM Sponsored SearchTM process within your company budget, on your behalf. We can configure your PPC campaigns, select appropriate trigger words, monitor costs and keyword bids, write AdwordsTM and Overture TM copy, maintain and retire campaigns. Cogentis generally provides a monthly report on costs & traffic, with weekly email budget & performance updates.

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