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"If you look through a prospective customer's eyes, you'll see what they'll see, and see what they'll buy."

Will prospective customers find your website - or only your competitors - on the first page of internet search engine results?

Targeted website marketing strategies that actually delivers new customers, with measureable ROI?

Or shotgun based "pay, spray and pray" marketing and unqualified 'clicks'?

The Cogentis approach to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has one focus - cost effective, measurable new customer acquisition. We leave the immeasurable 'creative' advertising, the 'thrill-em' and 'entertain-em' marketing, and other "pay, spray and pray" shotgun marketing approaches for your competitors and their agencies.

In our experience, the most effective way to win new business online, is to start by reverse engineering, and understanding, the online customer interaction process - something many 'creative' agencies just don't do.

At Cogentis, we believe that your internet marketing strategies should target your prospective customers. But most webdesigners and IT people build websites without even consulting prospective customers, and without observing their behavior, and without consideration of how your site will ever be found by a prospect. Remember their dotcom bubble catch cry - 'build and they will come'? They didn't. And they won't - unless you help them find you. In order to remedy this situation - Cogentis makes accessible web pages, and builds strategies, designed to make your site become what your prospects are specifically looking for...

Cogentis has a consultative approach, to develop an online marketing strategy to help your website attract new clients On average, around 80% - 85% of new web site traffic finds your site via search engines and directories. Just because your site is listed in a search engine doesn't mean that your prospective customers will find it. Getting listed is only the first hurdle - getting high rankings that can deliver relevant, appropriate prospects, which will convert into new clients - is the goal of the marketing pages of your website.

Where does your site rank now? Search engine position analysis will indicate where, and in many cases, why, your site fails to rank. Our search engine optimisation and positioning strategies are designed to ensure that you acquire new clients - by starting at the beginning of the process - and ensuring that your site is accessible.

We start with a website analysis to ensure that the marketing areas of your site aren't built using technologies which specifically exclude search engines. Search engines index words - not pictures, and not movies. If the technology platform and structure of the marketing areas of the site exclude search engines - through content management systems, security systems, and inappropriate use of technology; or makes indexing the site harder - how will the website be found by your prospective clients?

We can also provide advice on web accessibility issues for search engines and people, and make suggestions for compliance with Australian Legislation - such as the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 - the legislation under which SOCOG was taken to task regarding its 2000 Sydney Olympics site.

Once the technology is assessed, the next stage is researching and testing phrases people actually search on, from databases of actual search results, by reference to a lexical database, analysis of your site's logs, or even researching your industry. Once we have tailored target phrases to align with what you sell - and what your prospects are looking for - we can work with you to tailor accessible web pages around these topics.

We then optimise the pages to be accessible to search engine spiders, and to comply with the published rules of the search engines - without redirections, hidden text, cloaking, linkfarming or keyword spamming. The search engine spiders get exactly the same content as human visitors.

The primary goal of the process is new client acquisition. Not 'clicks' - not 'impressions'. These are just indicators - like ranking position - but are not the goal.

This is a plan for providing prospective customers with the relavent content they are searching for, in order for your site to rise to the top amongst competitors and other sites in your market category. It is a multi page strategy, which can be translated into other languages as required.

Search engine marketing and positioning is a detail driven, time consuming process. It's not a simple matter of adding a few meta tags that contain your important keywords - and then replicating them across every page on the site; or 'hiding' some keywords and text links on the bottom of each page. There are no 'silver bullets' to achieving a high ranking website with a great Return On Investment (ROI) - other than detailed, time consuming work!.

To be effective, and to play by the rules, the same page content must be accessible to, and appeal to, both search engine spiders, and your human prospects. It must appeal to the SE spiders in order to actually result in rankings that will ensure that clients find your site, and then the same content must also appeal to the prospective clients who read it. It is the application of creative, text-based techniques to an in-depth understanding of the mathematical algorithms of search engines.

Search engine marketing is arguably the single most cost-effective new client acquisition strategy available today. The cost per new client acquisition is far lower than historical benchmarks for other forms of internet (banner, sponsorship, affiliate) or offline media (television etc) advertising; and the ROI is far higher for many industry sectors. Cogentis can provide keyword based search engine advertising services (commonly referred to as 'Pay Per Click' or PPC) as well as page optimisation, and a full range of internet marketing and search engine positioning strategies.

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