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Looking for website marketing strategies that deliver new customers?

Cogentis Pty Ltd, based in Sydney, Australia, are specialists in development and implementation of website marketing strategies to acquire new clients for your business. We specialise in making your website deliver qualified sales leads for your business. Does your website rank highly in Search Engines? We can help you dramatically boost the number of qualified new prospects and sales leads generated by your website.

Cogentis website marketing strategies - 'cause there are no new clients up there

We offer website marketing strategies designed to increase your exposure in Search Engines. Our process begins by ensuring that your site isn't built using technology which reduces its ability to be indexed and ranked. Web accessibility issues are often due to inappropriate use of technologies - such as content management systems, security systems and even some dynamically generated site technologies. These technologies can sometimes hinder site access for both search engine spiders and human users.

The next step in a successful website marketing strategy is researching and testing phrases people actually search on, from databases of actual search results. Once we have identified the search phrases your prospective customers are looking for - we can provide both Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services to optimise your site content, and implementation/ management of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns.

"It's all about finding new customers... if you look through a prospective customer's eyes, you'll see what they'll see, and see what they'll buy." Are prospective customers finding your website - or your competitors - in search engines?

Cogentis helps your website deliver prospects... not unqualified 'clicks'

Do you get qualified sales prospects, who convert into customers - or are you currently just paying for unqualified 'clicks'?

Cogentis had two Qualified Google Adwords Advertising Professional Individuals as at 15.02.2005

Two Cogentis staff were amongst the first 100 globally to qualify as individual Qualified Google AdWords Advertising Professionals on 15/02/2005.

With years of marketing and technical experience, we not only understand online acquisition of new clients - we can demystify it for you at board or partner level - and assist you in making your website attract new clients to your organisation. This isn't theory and reports - we are 'hands on', with intimate knowledge and extensive experience.

We can offer a full range of website marketing strategies and search engine marketing services, as well as a suite of technical site analysis services. If you are unsure of the difference between search engine optimisation and search engine marketing we can explain the differences between the two methods of search engine positioning, and the advantages of each.

Marketing Services: We can provide a full service range of internet search positioning strategies & services - including services such as Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign setup, management and reporting; keyword phrase research and selection; and algorithmic search engine optimisation (SEO) services; rank monitoring; link building; and directory submissions.

Technical Services: We offer a full service range of website and logfile analysis services - including services such as web-site logfile analysis; site structure analysis; visitor traffic path analysis; site accessibility remediation to W3C standards; accessibility consulting; and referrer analysis.

A lot has changed since the early days of the internet, where pretty much all that was required were some well designed 'metatags'....

SEO in 2017 is more about accessibility, good website programming, keyword research, linking strategies, and a clear marketing direction. And that's what Cogentis makes your site - a cogent new client acquisition process - not another pretty online brochure.

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