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Looking for a website marketing strategy that actually delivers new customers?

Cogentis provides a full range of specialist online marketing strategies and technical services:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is still largely misunderstood by many Sales & Marketing professionals. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are considered a 'black art' by some media buying and online marketing agencies - who often just don't understand it.

Cogentis Pty Ltd (pronounced co-gen-tis) can guide your company through these new client acquisition marketing opportunities, and blend them into a coherent, logical new client acquisition programme to suit your business strategy. Using industry best practices, we can integrate Pay Per Click, Algorithmic Search Engine Optimisation, relevant directory inclusion and search engine position analysis services into a holistic and complementary strategy to acquire new clients for your business. From a technical services perspective, we can also analyse your current site, its structure, and your traffic.

Cogentis leverages marketing and technical development expertise:

Cogentis Pty Ltd founder, Chris Dimmock, has 25 years experience in technology based Sales and Marketing. Chris has held roles ranging from product management of Australia's first national email system back in the 1980s - through Sales & Marketing Director and General Manager roles for large multinational IT & technology companies in both Australia and Europe through the 1990s.

Prior to founding Cogentis in 2003, Chris had extensive 'hands on' online marketing experience with an Australian ASP (Application Service Provider); and worked for several years in the technology arm of Australia's largest Online Marketing Agency Group.

Chris has presented numerous papers on search engine optimisation and search engine marketing at numerous major Australian conferences, including:

as well as presenting at many other major industry conferences over the past 30 years

Chris was also a moderator at Danny Sullivan's Search Engine Watch Forums.

Experience on both sides of the marketing fence - understanding strategy, tactics and implementation - using industry best practice methodologies - and always 'hands on' in execution.

Cogentis maintains membership of professional industry organisations, including the Search Engine Marketing Professional Association (SEMPO); the SEO Consultants directory; SeoPros; the WebStandardsGroup; The Guild of Accessible Web Designers (GAWDS); and the Internet Industry Association Australia (IIA).

We also support the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) and their methods of open and objective labelling of website content; and the IIA Reference guide for responsible and ethical conduct.

New Client Acquisition - Making Your Website Deliver

Cogentis not only understands online acquisition of new clients - we understand the technology, and can demystify it for you at board or partner level - and assist you in making your website attract new clients to your organisation. This isn't theory and reports - Cogentis is 'hands on', with intimate technical and marketing knowledge and extensive experience.

Cogentis Pty Ltd has the Search Engine marketing and technical capabilities to:

Whilst 'sound, colour and movement' may attract the attention of infants....

Many websites are pretty graphic 'magazine covers' which, unfortunately, don't actually attract new prospective clients. Heavy use of 'Flash' animations, 'splash' pages, and pop-ups will often also limit your ability to be found in search engines. If prospective clients can't find you - how can they buy from you? Whilst sound, colour and movement might be proven to attract the attention of infants (and excite some web designers), inappropriate use of these technologies IS NOT a generally proven or effective online business strategy to attract prospective buyers of your products and services. Wouldn't you prefer your website to actually attract new prospective customers to you via the major search engines?

Many professionally designed Australian websites don't comply with Australian legislation. Does your website meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992? Why would web accessibility be an important issue for your online business? We have also provided some online marketing resources to assist in better understanding search engine relationships.

If you actually want your website to attract new clients to your business - and get a measureable return on your internet marketing investment - and have your web investment become an effective sales tool, then Contact Cogentis.

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